Agents and Managers


As a representative of major international talent, we are sure you have questions about our tour. Many of those questions can be answered by this website in general, but we’ve also collected these Brochures that contain information about some of the additional benefits of providing your artists talents to our service men and women.

  • A brief introduction. Our success serving the military community can only be attributed to the fabulous stars who have offered to give shows to our service men and women. This is a basic introductory flyer which outlines The Spirit of America Tour and its services.
  • Arranging a show is easy. When you and your client agree that such a show is a great idea just look at your artist’s touring schedule.
    Find a gap or a date that’s available…
  • More facts about a show Are professional lights and sound supplied? Can our clients sell merchandise? Meet and Greet opportunities? Answers to these questions and more…
  • “An Evening With…” is held in an intimate club or small venue setting. The audience is older, smaller, and more attuned to a nightclub then an outdoor arena. These events will be more sophisticated. Every military wife we talk to loves this idea as they have so few opportunities to wear their dressy clothes. In other words these shows are “special occasions!”
  • Golf! Golf! Golf! Just one of the many benefits of touring with us. As far North as Alaska and down South to the Gulf there are marvelous golf courses just waiting for tour bus warriors to play their 18 holes.